Keflavík Airport (KEF)

How Isavia's scalable integration platform accelerates the execution of the Icelandic airports' master plan

  • Total number of passengers: 8.4+ million
  • Total flights in the control area: 190k+
  • Number of employees: 1,400+
Isavia handles the operation and development of all Iceland's airports and manages all flights in the Icelandic air traffic control area.
Since 2000, Iceland's explosion in popularity as a tourist destination has generated exponential increases in the number of passengers and flights traveling into and through Iceland.
In 2023, more than 8 million passengers passed through Iceland's international airport, Keflavík (KEF), with projected future growth of around 1 million passengers per year.

The challenge

Finding a flexible integration platform to support Isavia's ambitious growth plans.
Isavia is working to an ambitious master plan to support the projected ongoing increase in flights and passengers visiting Iceland. This requires implementing numerous new systems and processes to improve the efficiency and scale of both airport operations and back-office functions, such as finance and HR management.
As demand for new systems grew, so did inefficiencies caused by siloed data and systems, malfunctioning legacy integrations, and labor-intensive manual processes. These slowed down vital projects aimed at upgrading operational capabilities, and increased the risk of data errors due to excessive manual data processes.
To enable data sharing and reporting across the increasing array of systems, Isavia needed to implement more complex integrations, plus automation to minimize manual workflows.
Isavia wanted to build a modular, scalable integration platform to connect and support the new systems essential for achieving the master plan. It needed to be scalable and flexible, capable of growing with the company, and manageable in-house.
However, an initial attempt to integrate systems using a third-party API management tool proved frustrating and inflexible. Isavia was forced to buy the expensive full enterprise solution despite needing only a small part of it, and found a lack of support to use the system to achieve their integration goals.
"We wanted an integration platform that we can scale up as we implement our master plan. And we saw right away that Zato has the modularity and scalability we need to grow with us and implement our master plan."

The solution

A scalable, future-proof integration platform and expert guidance from Zato Source.
Keflavik Plus Vision

In August 2023, Isavia discovered Zato: flexible, open-source integration software built using Python — a programming language that Isavia's network team already knew.
Sammi simplifies and speeds up the process of integrating different systems. Each of Isavia's systems has just one connection, to Zato.
Via Zato, each system can communicate and exchange data with any other system, when a specific integration is created. This makes it easier and faster for Isavia to build and manage integrations.
Following a successful proof-of-concept project to automate parking permit management, Isavia began using Sammi to support other internal projects in November 2023.
"We're creating a scalable integration platform ready for the future, where each integration's core function doesn't depend on the system it supports. So if we change something like our finance system, we only have to update one connection, leaving the core functions untouched."
Zato Source has become a trusted technical partner to the Isavia team, providing regular, ongoing support and guidance to ensure they are designing and building integrations in the most effective way.
"Zato Source has been a huge asset in helping us do things the correct way. They help us create more readable and efficient code, making our integration platform more future-proof. They are really easy to work with, and always come with fresh ideas to help us design what we need."

The outcome

Immediate acceleration of progress in supporting the master plan implementation.
Keflavik Plus Vision

Just three months after launching Sammi, Isavia has already accelerated progress on several internal projects for optimizing systems and workflows.
"Zato Source helped us design our integration platform with future projects in mind, because we know our need for integrations and automation will continue to grow."
Isavia rapidly built an integration to support a new internal purchase management system requiring communication between a cloud-based application and the on-premise finance system. Previously, the Isavia team wasn't certain how to make this work. But using Sammi, it was straightforward.
Still early in their integration journey, the Isavia team is excited about Sammi's potential to upgrade ways of working to support increasing air traffic and passenger numbers. There is a whole raft of projects in the pipeline.
"We're now working on 2–3 projects that we've been talking about for almost a decade, that will save employees a lot of manual work and time thanks to integrations and automation."

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