zato create server


Creates a Zato server - all the directories needed by a server and sets it up so it is ready to join a cluster. The directory pointed to by parameter path will be created if it does not exist.

Parameter cluster_name must be a name of a cluster previously created using the zato create cluster command.

Parameters --secret-key and --jwt_secret must be secret keys previously generated using the zato crypto create-secret-key command. Both --secret_key and --jwt_secret must be the same for all servers in the same cluster.

After it is created, the server can be started using the zato start command.

Usage example

$ zato create server \
    ~/prod3/server7/ \
    cluster1 \
    --odb-type postgresql \
    --odb-host localhost \
    --odb-port 5432 \
    --odb-user zato1 \
    --odb-db-name zatodb1 \
    --odb-password <database-password> \
    --scheduler-host zato.scheduler.internal