Command line interface (CLI)


Zato administrators use both Dashboard and the command line interface (CLI) to manage Zato environments. Although these two methods do overlap to a degree, both have their distinct responsibilities.

While Dashboard has been created with the goal of aiding in development and in the management of already existing environments, the CLI has been created with automation in mind.

Commands offered by the CLI always need actual access to the file system, for instance, via SSH. They cannot be issued remotely through Dashboard.

All commands are run using a single executable called zato. There is never any need for sudo or root powers in order to invoke any of the commands.

Commands can be run in a batch mode via zato from-config.

Commands most often used

zato --versionDisplays current Zato version
zato quickstartQuickly sets up a working Zato environment
zato startStarts Zato components, such as servers
zato stopStops Zato components, such as servers
zato enmasseConfiguration automation tool
zato service invokeInvokes a service from command line
zato update passwordUpdates a Dashboard user's password
zato waitWaits until a server is accessible
zato openapiGenerates an API specification as OpenAPI. Also, consult zato apispec.

Other commands

zato apispecGenerates API specifications as OpenAPI and Sphinx. Also, consult zato openapi.
zato createCreates a Zato component
zato crypto create-secret-key Creates a new secret key for servers and other commands to use
zato decryptDecrypts secrets using a Zato component's private key
zato encryptEncrypts secrets using a Zato component's public key
zato from-configRuns commands from a config file
zato sso User management and Single-Sign On