zato sso create-super-user


Creates a new regular user. Use zato sso create-user to create new regular users.

If password is not given on input, a prompt will be shown. In either case, password will be validated against configuration of the server pointed to by path.

In case of any errors, an error code will be returned, consult the list of all error codes for details.

Note that only username is a required field - in particular, all the other name-related attributes, such as first name or last name, are optional.

Usage examples

$ zato sso create-super-user ~/env/qs-ps2/server1/ admin1 --password <password>
Created super-user `admin1`
$ zato sso create-user /home/zato/env/server1 admin1
Password (will not echo):
Password again (will not echo):
Created user `admin1`