Static deployment


  • Make sure you understand the difference between hot-deployment and static deployment.
  • Keep in mind that configuration and services that are statically deployed are not persistent, which means that the static configuration needs to be in place each time a server is restarted
  • If needed, it is possible to switch between hot-deployment and static deployment or to mix the two

Deploying configuration

  • Configuration is always deployed using zato enmasse
  • Refer to a dedicated chapter that goes into the details of how enmasse can be used for automation


  • Each server comes with a file whose contents specifies statically in what directories to find code to deploy
  • The file is called service-sources.txt and its location is /path/to/server/config/repo/service-sources.txt
  • Each line in the file points to a directory that contains Zato services or other code - the contents of this directory is deployed when the server starts and any changes to this directory are not picked up by the server until it is restarted
  • Each server in the cluster must have the same file - its contents is not synchronized among servers

Sample file:

  • Note that the file contains line ./work/hot-deploy/current - this line is needed for internal purposes, do not remove it, do not change it and always make sure that it is the last line in the file (except for comments)