Zato installation on Debian


  • Debian 11 Buster (64-bit)
  • Root access
  • Make sure you have Python 3.8 or newer - Debian may ship with Python 3.7. If you cannot install Python 3.8 or newer in your system, you can run Zato under Debian in a Docker container or under Ubuntu.

Installation steps

  • Log in as root:
su -
  • Install Zato (Ignore a potential message saying that "Repository has no Size information"):
curl -LO && \
sudo apt-get install -y ./zato-3.2-debian11.deb
  • Install the latest updates:
su - zato
cd /opt/zato/current && git pull && ./
  • Confirm the installation (still as user zato):
zato --version
# E.g. Zato 3.2+rev.046d396-py3.9.2-debian.11-bullseye

That concludes the process - you can refer to the main documentation index now.