Zato installation on Windows


  • Windows 10, 11, Server 2019 or Server 2022
  • No need for Administrator rights

Installation steps

Starting Zato

  • The installer creates "Start Zato" shortcuts on your desktop and in the Start menu

  • Clicking a shortcut starts Zato in a new window. To stop it, close the window

Logging in to Zato Dashboard

  • Click "Show configuration" in the Start menu to show your environment's configuration. Each environment will use automatically generated random passwords.

  • Copy the value of the "dashboard_password" key from the configuration

  • Make sure that Zato is started and visit http://localhost:8183. Log in using the username of "admin" and the password that you copied.


  • Path to the destination directory must not contain whitespace and it must not be be longer than 50 characters. If in doubt, use a short name, such as C:\Zato.
  • Path to the directory that you run the downloaded installer from must not contain whitespace and it must not be longer than 50 characters either.

That concludes the process - you can refer to the main documentation index now.