Starting and stopping servers

Remember: If you're starting out with Zato, use Docker Quickstart. It's going to start a fully working environment for you in 5 minutes and then you can focus on your real integration and automation work. Use the instructions below only if you're an advanced user.

Repeat: Use Docker Quickstart if you're new to Zato.
  • Servers can be started and stopped from command line using zato start and zato stop commands
  • To restart a server, issue zato stop, followed by zato start
  • During development, it is convenient to start servers with the --fg flag which makes them run in foreground until they are stopped with Ctrl-C. A server running in foreground logs all the information to stdout which means that there is no need to tail -f its log files.
  • If you ran zato start but you are not sure if the server is already fully started, e.g. whether enmasse can already run, use zato wait - this will wait until the server is accessible