Helper services

`zato.server.service.internal.helpers < contains a set of helper services coming in handy during development and documented below.

The services can be used either standalone or as base classes for user-defined ones.


Echos 1:1 everything received on input. Usage idea - mounting on :doc:`an HTTP channel <../web-admin/channels/ secured with credentials that need to be confirmed. If correct, response will be equal to request.


Sends to :ref:server.log <, or stdout if :ref:running in foreground <, the request received along with metadata. Usage idea - mounting on :doc:`an HTTP channel <../web-admin/channels/ to make sure a client application actually sends everything that is required.


Similar to InputLogger but logs :doc:`SimpleIO <./model/ input only. Usage idea - as with InputLogger but here a service would need to subclass or mix in SIOInputLogger instead of mounting it directly on a channel.


Produces HTML output - described in :doc:`its own chapter <./

Helper API programming tools and techniques

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