Pub/sub - endpoints - AMQP

Prerequisite reading: Pub/sub architecture.


Messages published to Zato topics can be automatically forwarded to AMQP brokers.

First, an AMQP definition and outgoing connection need to be created in Dashboard. Next, pub/sub endpoints should be created to grant outgoing AMQP connections access to specific topics or patterns. Then, a subscription combining both the endpoint and outgoing connection can be created.

Afterwards, each time a message is published to one of the topics that AMQP endpoints are subscribed to, it will be forwarded to the remote AMQP broker. It is also possible to use specific exchanges, routing keys, encoding, content type and other metadata.

Currently, AMQP endpoints may act as subscribers to topics. In future Zato versions, means will be added to let AMQP endpoints act as publishers to topics, i.e. messages sent from AMQP brokers will be automatically published to Zato topics.


Header Notes
Name Endpoint name
Role Currently, must be always Subscriber
Topics allowed A list of patterns for topics that this endpoint will be allowed to subscribe to


Header Notes
Delivery server From which server messages will be sent to AMQP brokers
Endpoint An already existing pub/sub endpoint on whose behalf messages will be sent to AMQP brokers
Delivery method Must be always Notify
Delivery batch size At most how many messages to send in one batch to AMQP brokers
List required Should messages be always be wrapped in a list element, even if there is only one message
Delivery max retries How many times to retry delivery for a message until it is considered undeliverable
Sleep on socket error How many seconds to sleep on receiving a TCP-level socket error in communication with AMQP brokers
Sleep on error error As above but for non socket-related errors
Topics A list of topics to subscribe to - only topics to which the chosen endpoint has subscription permissions are displayed
AMQP outconn An AMQP outgoing connection to deliver messages through
AMQP exchange AMQP exchange to deliver messages to
AMQP routing key AMQP routing key to use during delivery