PyMQI Installation


  • Install an MQ Client package in the same operating system that PyMQI is going to be installed to. An MQ Client is a freely available product by IBM, available as an .msi, .rpm or .deb, that allows other products or libraries to connect to IBM MQ.
  • Install Python 3.5 or newer.
  • Ensure that development packages are installed for your Python version. Under Linux, the relevant .rpm or .deb packages will have names such as python3-dev or python3-devel.

Install PyMQI

  • PyMQI is distributed via pip and, to install it, run the following command:
pip install pymqi
  • For instance:
$ pip install pymqi
Collecting pymqi
Building wheels for collected packages: pymqi
  Building wheel for pymqi ( ... done
Successfully built pymqi
Installing collected packages: pymqi
Successfully installed pymqi