User.reset_totp_key - Python API

Changes a user's TOTP key and its accompanying label. If key is not given on input, one is generated and returned on output.

Regular users may change their own keys only. Super-users may change any other user's keys.


reset_totp_key(self, cid, current_ust, user_id, key, key_label, current_app, remote_addr)

  • cid: Correlation ID used by audit log
  • current_ust: Current user's UST
  • user_id: ID of the user to change the TOTP key of. If provided, current_ust must be that of a super-user.
  • key: New TOTP key to set for user. May be None, in which case a new key will be generated by Zato.
  • key_label: A textual label to assign to the TOTP key
  • current_app: Name of application the current user is issuing the call from
  • remote_addr: User's remote address
  • Returns: A newly generated TOTP key - returned only if one was generated by Zato
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Zato
from zato.server.service import Service

class ResetUserTOTPKey(Service):

   def handle(self):

         # Data obtained from request and/or WSGI environment
         ust = 'gAAAAABalFycY50Budi...'
         current_app = 'CRM'
         remote_addr = ''

         # We are changing another user's key
         user_id = 'zusrpdjpsqjqa8jdv533zh0pv8tcm'

         # No key to be provided on input = Zato will generate one
         key = None

         # A label is provided though
         key_label = 'My SSO key'

         # Change the key and label now
         totp_key = self.sso.user.reset_totp_key(self.cid, ust,
            user_id, key, key_label, current_app, remote_addr)'New key`: %s', totp_key)