Updating users

Users can update their own accounts and super-users are able to update any other person's accounts. This can be done from either REST or Python APIs.

Regular users may change the attributes below:

  • email
  • display_name
  • first_name
  • middle_name
  • last_name

Super-admins may change all the data above, plus:

is_approvedboolIf an account's creation needs to be confirmed by super-admins, this flag dictates if a user is approved or not
is_lockedboolIf the account is locked or not - users cannot log into locked accounts
password_expirydatetimeWhen will the person's password expire - users cannot log into accounts with expired passwords without changing them first
password_must_changeboolA flag that super-users may set in order to require another user to change his or her password the next time the other person logs in
sign_up_statusstringUsed in the signup workflow to decide if the signup process is considered completed or not