Health Care Interoperability Platform in Python

Interoperability and Standards

Use HL7 and FHIR with an open-source, Python-based platform that lets you flexibly connect and integrate health care systems, including reporting and monitoring ones, to foster and promote interoperability and standardization of eHealth solutions and enterprise architectures

Health Information Exchanges

Use Python to easily build secure and scalable health information exchanges of any size, from regional to large-scale, continent-wide ones and integrate public or private providers, institutions, partners and agencies

Health Care Supply Chains

Integrate strategic health information and claims systems with enterprise, business applications, such as ERP or CRM, running in the cloud or on premises

Digital Twins

Efficiently and securely connect and automate mobile, edge and IoT devices to build digital twins and better models needed to accurately represent the physical world in a digital form

Customer Spotlight

"We chose to build the application with Zato because the platform makes it easy to connect to multiple systems and it was a natural fit to communicate with our PJM Global health care solution."

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