Automate, Orchestrate
and Integrate Telecommunication Systems in Python

OSS, BSS, Cloud and Business Apps

Use Python, the most flexible programming language, to build and connect to cloud or hybrid systems that integrate well with your existing OSS and BSS architecture

5G and NFV CI/CD Orchestration

Deploy, test and manage your infrastructure and Network Function Virtualization faster using Python, a high-level programming language that network engineers know and value highly

Network Visibility and Security

Use an open-source, Python-based platform that lets you flexibly connect, control and provision cloud and physical OT, ICS and IoT hardware and software that are essential for gaining the increased visibility and security of your networks and critical infrastructure

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

From mobile apps, through billing, CRM to product catalogs and charging stations, use Python to integrate your systems using the most adaptive programming language that lets you bring new products to the market fast

Customer Spotlight

"What we've built with Zato is completely reusable in a lot of different ways. We can build a telecommunications pipeline automation using an open-source, Python-based platform. Today an interactive showroom, next month could be a support process, and a test call for a CI/CD pipeline in two months. We have so many plans."

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"For me, Zato Source is the only technology partner to help with operational improvements."

— John Adams
Program Manager of Channel Enablement at Keysight

Zato integrates everything in Python - APIs, IoT, Cloud, Data science, Mainframe, Digital Twins, Mobile, Microservices, Automation, CI/CD and more

Connect to anything, integrate everything

ESB, API, AI and Cloud Integrations in Python

Open-source total product with enterprise support

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