Smart IoT integrations with Akenza and Python


Building a comprehensive ecosystem unlocking the full potential of IoT connectivity requires seamless automation of a vast number of IoT technologies, and Akenza emerges as a powerful ally in the endeavour. In this blog article, I explore the combination of Akenza and Python to open new avenues for intelligent, real-time IoT integrations and monitoring. Read more

Meaningful automation, integrations and interoperability in Python


An introduction to meaningful automation, integrations, interoperability with Zato and service-oriented thinking in Python. Read more

Sustainable water management with IoT, Open Source and Python


"Towards a cyber-physical system for sustainable and smart building: a use case for optimizing water consumption on a SmartCampus" is an Open Access paper via Springer Publishing that uses Python, Zato and other open source technologies for IoT integrations. Read more

Quick tips: REST, API scheduling, HL7 FHIR, SFTP automation and Microsoft 365 IMAP


REST connections, how to schedule API integrations, how to connect to HL7 FHIR servers, SFTP automation and Microsoft 365 IMAP integrations are the latest quick tips in the series designed for Python integrators and automation practitioners. Read more

Service-oriented API task scheduling


An integral part of Zato, its scalable, service-oriented scheduler makes it is possible to execute high-level API integration processes as background tasks. The scheduler runs periodic jobs which in turn trigger services and services are what is used to integrate systems. Read more

LDAP and Active Directory as Python API Services


Turn LDAP and Active Directory into convenient REST API services that let external clients and applications use JSON to query the directories. Read more

IMAP and OAuth2 Integrations with Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 requires for all IMAP connections to use OAuth2. This can be challenging to configure in server-side automation and orchestration processes so Zato offers an automated that lets you access emails without requiring you to get into low-level OAuth2 details. Read more

HL7 FHIR Security with Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS


An explanation of how and when to use Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS security definitions in HL7 FHIR connections. Read more

HL7 FHIR Integrations in Python


Learn how to use Python with HL7 FHIR, a contemporary data model and message transfer protocol designed to facilitate the exchange of information among systems used in health care settings. Read more

Using OAuth in API Integrations


OAuth is often employed in processes requiring permissions to be granted to frontend applications and end users. Yet, what we typically need in API systems integrations is a way to secure connections between the integration middleware and backend systems without a need for any ongoing human interactions. OAuth can be a good choice for that scenario and this article shows how it can be achieved. Read more